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Aquabond™ is a resilient, slip-resistant, rubberized surface designed for barefoot traffic in aquatic play areas. Aquabond™ brings life to spray grounds with colorful patterns, designs and inlays. Made with UV resistant rubber and proprietary aliphatic binding resins, Aquabond™ is formulated to meet the unique demands of water play areas. 

available colors:


terra cotta


light blue

dark blue

dark green

light green


3/8" thickness

extremely durable

UV, salt & chlorine resistant

slip-resistant wet or dry

customizable design

how aquabond outperforms

Aquabond™ utilizes an exclusively-sourced binder material, along with a superior method of installation that makes our water-resistant surfacing unique. This yields a resilient surface that is more durable, and less likely to flake than competitors and will outperform for years to come.

frequently asked questions

Where is AquaBond normally used?

AquaBond in generally used in spray grounds where light water features are in use.

Does AquaBond provide fall protection?

Although AquaBond provides some resilience and cushion under foot, it it not rated for fall protection.

Is AquaBond slip-resistant?

Yes, AquaBond is slip-resistant.

Can AquaBond be installed underwater?

We do not recommend placing AquaBond in areas that remain completely submerged underwater for prolonged periods of time.

What sub-base is required for AquaBond?

Since most applications involve water play areas, AquaBond must be installed over a properly prepared concrete surface.