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Genaflex™ Gym Tile is made with vulcanized rubber, which is 6x stronger than ordinary rubber tiles. Genaflex can take virtually anything. Drop heavy free weights directly onto the surface without cracking or denting” The interlocking system does not require adhesive allowing the floor to be moved or reconfigured as needed.

available colors:





ideal for high-impact, high abuse areas


virtually seamless appearance can be reconfigured or relocated


shock and sound dampening


textured, high-gloss and slip-resistant finish


non-porous and easy to maintain


channel wire and cables under the floor

frequently asked questions

What is Aveer made from?

Most rubberized playground surfaces are made with small particles of rubber crumbs which are bound together using a polyurethane binder. Aveer is unique in that it is moulded from a single solid sheet of rubber much like the construction process involved in manufacturing a car tire.

Why should I consider using Aveer?

The advantages of using a playground tile made from a solid sheet of vulcanized rubber include significant increases in strength, density and resistance to wear and tear. The vulcanization process allows for unique engineering advantages that provide far superior safety ratings compared to traditional molded tiles. In fact Aveer provides HIC ratings of 300 at 8 feet and complies with ASTM F1292 for fall up to 12 feet. Aveer's locking system provide advantages in installation and vandal resistance that are not available in most tile systems. Aveer is the only tile product available in 100% solid color.

How much maintenance does the Aveer system require?

Aveer is made with a solid rubber construction, has an interlocking mechanism that prevents tile separation, and is engineered for lasting compliance with safety standards. For these reasons Aveer is virtually maintenance free.

How does pricing compare to other tile systems?

Aveer pricing is generally competitive with other tile systems however, the Aveer system is particularly competitive on projects requiring high percentages of color and/or fall height requirements of 8 feet and above.

Can Aveer be self installed?

In order to ensure the highest quality final product, Aveer is typically installed using installation crews who have undergone specialized training.

Can Aveer be installed over compacted aggregate?

Concrete and asphalt are the preferred sub-surfaces for the installation of Aveer.