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This revolutionary hybrid bi-layer system combines the superior safety ratings of a loose-fill system, with the accessibility, durability and design options of a unitary system. RubberBond Elevate features a vibrant, brightly colored EPDM particulate blend that stays colorfast for years. Easily installs over a variety of substrates, saving on costly concrete or asphalt sub-bases.

available colors:


PREMIUM yellow

PREMIUM orange


rose red

terra cotta



apple green

leafy green


light blue


dark blue



long wearing thicker top layer


thick shock absorbent loose rubber base


5" overall thickness


16' fall height rating*


15lb weight per sq ft


vibrant fade resistant EPDM material


400 HIC rating*


fully customizable

*Averages noted, independently lab tested and certified. Lower HIC rating = superior safety.

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frequently asked questions

How is RubberBond different compared to traditional poured-in-place?

Unlike traditional poured-in-place RubberBond utilizes a unique loose-fill rubber base layer combined with a full 1.5 inch thick poured-in-place top layer.

Why should I consider using RubberBond?

Our loose-fill under layer provides superior shock absorption with HIC numbers under 400 at 12 feet. This level of safety performance is not possible with traditional poured systems. Our top layer is made with recycled SBR rubber which is significantly stronger than EPDM. At 1.5 inches thick, our top layer is three times thicker than traditional poured systems translating into better wear characteristics and a longer life span.

How thick is RubberBond?

RubberBond is 5 inches thick consisting of a 3.5 inch cushion layer and a 1.5 inch top layer.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Maintenance is not required.

How does pricing compare to traditional poured systems?

Due to the high recycled content, efficient installation process, and versatile sub-surface preparation requirements RubberBond is generally more cost-effective compared to traditional poured-in-place.