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Will Rubber Mulch Stain Clothes and Other Objects?

With kids playing outdoors, the likelihood of their clothes and exposed parts of their bodies getting dirty are high. Since Day One, rubber mulch has had the unfair reputation of staining clothes and other things they get in contact with. This, despite the fact that organic mulches such as sand, soil, stones, and others do exactly the same.

Sand, in particular, not only gets clumpy when exposed to moisture - it can also attract insects and cats who use it for litter! Beyond staining, you shouldn’t have to worry about icky problems like cat refuse and fleas finding themselves on your clothes and person. Rubber mulch is inorganic and will not attract these unwanted things.

Another thing is that rubber mulch is very good at drainage. Since it hardly absorbs any moisture, it will not be slippery or bleed color, unlike painted organic mulching materials like wood or stone.

As with all manufactured things, quality should be top consideration prior to purchasing. Yes, there may be rubber mulch products that leave a stain on clothes and on the playground where it is installed. However, these inferior products usually do not come with a warranty. A warranty will let you know that the manufacturers are confident enough in their product that they are willing to give you your money back if you are unsatisfied with it. Always look for one when you’re in the market for good playground mulching material.

It’s also good to look for rubber mulch that are colored with non-toxic paint, and have gone through a thorough coloring process that makes it colorfast. If you want to be sure about non-staining mulch before placing your order, the best thing to do is ask your trusted manufacturer for samples to test on.


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