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Rubber Mulch VS. Wood mulch - Price Comparison

When it comes to home maintenance, money matters often fall into two categories: investing in something, or fitting it into a budget. For instance, it used to be that mulch wasn’t normally in a list along with renovation, major repairs, appliances, and furniture upgrades - but it’s becoming more and more ubiquitous in the grand scheme of home improvement. Whether it’s for playground infill or garden or landscaping purposes, it’s safe to say that mulch is here to stay.

Many homeowners find themselves hemming and hawing between investing in the relatively costlier rubber mulch, or going for the more budget-friendly wood mulch. This illuminating new infographic from shows the price comparison between two popular mulching materials: wood and rubber. It shows charts indicating the prices if you buy either materials now, and their cost in five, eight, and 13 years.

The infographic also playfully adds a section on what you can do with money you will save if you pick the proper kind of mulch. As to which one is the right one - well, we’ll let the figures in the infographic speak for themselves. *wink


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