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How To Dispose Of Old Rubber Mulch

How to remove old rubber mulch

  1. Rake the grass or surrounding patio or walkway with a wide broom rake to drag all the stray pieces of rubber mulch back into the rest of the mulch.

  2. Tie up any low-lying branches in flower beds with rubber mulch, using a soft twine so you don't damage the plants.

  3. Dig through a small section of the rubber mulch with a trowel until you find the soil to determine the mulch depth.

  4. Scoop the mulch with a wide scoop shovel or flat shovel. Place the shovel head under the mulch and push along the soil in straight lines to scoop up as much of the mulch as possible. Skim the soil with the shovel instead of digging into the soil because disturbing the soil makes it more difficult to pick through the mulch.

  5. Deposit the rubber mulch into a wheelbarrow or garden cart.

  6. Rake the remaining mulch into piles with a broom rake and remove any soil and plant material.

  7. Pick up each pile of mulch with the flat shovel. Continue raking and picking up the small piles until the soil is bare.

  8. Scratch the bare soil gently with a bow rake to loosen any pieces of rubber that are compacted in the soil. You can pick these pieces up by hand or rake the pieces into piles with the broom rake.

What to do with old rubber mulch

  1. Contact a local recycling center or businesses that produce rubber products and offer/sell the cleaned rubber pieces.

  2. Dispose of the mulch at the waste center.

  3. Ask your friends and family if they would like to have your rubber mulch.

  4. Sell it on Craigslist or other recycling websites.

  5. Use it to fill DIY outdoor bean bags, throw pillows, and other knickknacks.

  6. Recycle it and use it for your landscape.

  7. Add it to your compost and let it continue to break down so you can reuse it in a different way. Chop it down as much as you can before adding it, so it can break down a little quicker.


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