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Healthy Benefits of Playing Outside

Healthy Benefits of Playing Outside

We have been told many times how the great outdoors can be beneficial to our health. And with the dawn of technology, it has become increasingly difficult not to stay indoors – especially for kids. From improving your immune system to getting a good dose of fresh air, here are a few reasons why you should encourage your children to play outside:

Physical Exercise

One the most important thing that both adults and children need to maintain is a healthy lifestyle. With the dawn of computers and tablets, we have become sedentary, disregarding the benefits of an active lifestyle including maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding weight-related problems, improving flexibility and other motor skills and many other. Playing outside guarantees movement and interaction with children’s surroundings, making physical activity less of a chore and more enjoyable. The more they play outside, the more they will develop strong muscles and stamina that can contribute to their overall health.

Improves Mood

Many studies strongly suggest of nature’s healing powers. Research has found frequent encounters with nature help lower pain and stress levels. They also help normalizing sleep habits and improve overall quality of sleep. Lower stress levels and better sleep can help shift toward more positive moods.

Improves Social Skills

First-hand interaction with other kids help your child understand social situations at an early age, preparing him in the future. Interacting with other children who do not dote, and have their own wants can teach kids how to share, how to express anger in a healthy way, how to make friends, and how to be sensitive with the needs of others. So let them play in a sandbox or playground or park. You’ll be surprised with the things they learn

Provides Children a Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D or Sunshine vitamin has a myriad of health benefits including strengthening bones, preventing diabetes and heart diseases in the future. Of course parents should avoid prolonged sun exposure without sunscreen as these can be harmful to your children. Opt for partially shaded areas and avoid too much direct sun exposure especially during 12 to 2 in the afternoon. Also, don’t forget to lather on sunscreen on the little ones.

There are plenty more benefits that your kids can get from playing outside. Encourage them to explore their surroundings. Don’t forget to supervise small toddlers and kids while playing outside.


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