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Four Ways PlaySafer Meets Playground Safety Guidelines

Recycling rubber products for play isn’t such a strange practice. Decades ago, kids swung on old rubber tires suspended on tree branches, or stepped into their holes lined up in rows as part of an obstacle course. Rubber tires are ubiquitous in playground history. It’s only inevitable that they would be resurrected in another practical form - rubber mulch.

Playsafer aims to be the world’s safest playground surface, and has consistently been setting the gold standard for the industry since its establishment in 1996. This means also meeting playground safety standards by way of high-quality and durable recycled rubber products.

Prevents injuries

Falls are inevitable in a playground, but injuries shouldn’t be. Playsafer offers the kind of shock absorption measured by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the US Testing Company, and a number of other licensed testing labs.

What was consistent in these respected agencies’ findings is that rubber mulch absorbs more shock impact than any other playground surface material. Its inherent springiness cushions falls of up to 16 feet, thus lessening the chances of play-related injuries. Kids will be kids; they will scale any height or dare each other to jump. Rubber mulch surfacing in your playground can help your child avoid becoming another emergency room statistic.

Not slippery even when wet

Rainwater passes through rubber mulch straight to the ground below. This means the rubber acts as barrier to slippery surfaces because it only retains very little moisture; just enough to prevent dust from accumulating on its surface. You won’t have to worry about puddles or muddy patches your kids could slip on, as other organic surfaces are likely to have. The material provides extra traction for rubber-shod feet, too.

99.9% steel-free

One way to be sure that rubber mulch is practically free of steel content is to look at the size of the rubber chips. The smaller the shredded pieces are, the less likely they will contain any traces of steel. Playsafer ensures that all embedded wires are removed from the tires by way of a 4-step state-of-the-art magnetic system during the manufacturing process. The company believes that this little extra attention to detail means adding another layer of safety for your kids.

Non-toxic colors

Playsafer comes in bright, happy colors to enhance the playground experience. The colors can be customized to go with the playground equipment or theme, and to add visual impact. However, the best thing about it is that the colors are meant to last a long time. Even more importantly, they are non-toxic, making it safe for kids and adults alike.


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