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5 Most Ridiculous Gardening Practices

Garden gnomes, pink plastic flamingos, ostentatious topiaries - these are just a few examples of kitschy gardening trends that have somehow withstood the test of time (and become outdoor decorating staples). There are, however, some things that shouldn’t have been in vogue all...or at the very least, should make people question a garden owner’s tastes and practices.

“Dyed” blooms

Whoever started the craze of dying perfectly white roses, orchids, and lilies blue and other unnatural colors should be sternly lectured by a Smurf. It’s best to encourage flowers and fruit to bloom as they should, instead of experimenting with their hues as you would your own hair color.

Volcano mulching

“Volcano” mulching is not technically a gardening craze but more of a bad practice. Anyone who has ever piled mulch thickly at the base of a plant to form a mound should immediately put a halt to it. Not only does it look strange; it also harms the plant because it causes excess heat and doesn’t allow the roots to breathe. Always observe proper mulch thickness and spacing for your plants to thrive.

Fake plants and flowers in real soil

Many homeowners or renters have no plot of land to start a garden, but they manage to create pocket gardens on balconies, tiled patios, and other small outdoor spaces, anyway. The love for nature will always find a way to express itself even in the most urbanized of spaces. Planting fake plants and flowers in real soil, however, doesn’t make any sense (aesthetic or common). If you don’t have enough patience to wait for seeds to blossom into flowers or bear fruit, then maybe you aren’t ready yet for a real garden.

All-season Christmas decor

Nothing spells “lazy” or apathetic more than seasonal decor that have been up way past the reason for celebrating. Be it Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other themed holiday, there simply is no reason for anyone not to put seasonal decor in storage - especially if it’s just gathering dust, snow, or decaying in the rain. They’re eyesores that betray a lack of discipline on a homeowner’s part, so put away that inflatable Santa and reindeer lawn decor as soon as Christmas is over.

Painted cement borders, statues, and plant boxes

This particular “trend” could have different reasons for being. Perhaps owing to a restricted budget or simply wanting to take advantage of excess supplies meant for another home makeover project, some gardens proudly exhibit cement plant boxes, borders, statues, and other accessories. Cement isn’t exactly the best material for sculpture, so the results are often awkward or downright tacky. A coat of bright paint won’t do anything to improve it, so don’t bother. Instead, curate proper stone statues, ceramic jars and vases, and rock or rubber borders so your garden can have artistic appeal without looking cheap.


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