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Landscaping Design for Small Yards

Landscaping for Small Yards

With living spaces becoming more compact and minimalistic, landscaping has become more challenging. Fortunately, armed with resourcefulness and a lot of creativity, landscaping is possible and can be enjoyable even for small yards. Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of a small yard space:

Define Your Yard’s Use

Knowing how you will be using your yard will help you define what areas you can include given the limited space. A small dining alfresco for two or a mini garden where you can grow vegetables or a bed of flowering plants. Depending on how big or small your yard will be, you can either create all those three or just choose which ones you prefer to have.

Get Small Plants

Stick to herbs, small ornamental plants or dwarf versions of trees to fit your garden’s theme. Getting small plants ensures that they don't develop your roots too deep, overcrowding any other shrubs you may have. They're also very easy to care for.

Consider Vertical Gardening

When horizontal space is limited, consider going vertical. Vertical gardening is a great space saver and green walls can give an illusion of depth, making your yard look spacious. Opt for plants with different colors and textures to add dimension to your walls.

Take the Minimalist Approach

Removing clutter and unnecessary items in your yard will allow for a clean, spacious, and modern feel. Multifunctional items are your best bet when you have limited space. Foldable chairs and smart storage that you can put away when not in use will remove that cramped feel in your garden.

Add Textures and Diagonals

A good mix of woods, greens, and other multipurpose can add texture while diagonal designs can elongate and create a wider feel for your yard. You can also break up monotony with raised garden beds or a splash of bright color to draw attention to different areas in your backyard.

As you may have noticed,similar principles of interior design are applicable to a small garden, yard or backyard. With a little bit of research and ingenuity, even the smallest yard can look very elegant and accommodating. Happy landscaping!


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