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Garden Games For Kids

There are a number of reasons why spending time in the garden is good for you. Even more so for your kids. Aside from the meditative properties and fresh air your garden provides, playing in the dirt can help boost their immunity. From treehouses, to backyard camping, there are so many activities that your children can enjoy. So now that you have more reasons to have fun and spend some quality time with your kids in your garden, here are a few garden games you and your little ones will surely love:


“Some classics last for generations”. This rings true for the timeless hopscotch. Scratch the patterns in the dirt or get colorful with some washable chalk paints. Scribble your patterns and watch the kids re-live a childhood game. Better yet, if the kids will allow it, you can join in the fun. When you’re done, you can always wash off the paint.

Potato Sack Race

If you have some grassy area in your garden to spare, a great sack race is a fun and adrenaline-fueled team sport. Just gather some old potato sacks, split the kids into teams and hop away!


Not that much space to spare? Limbo is a good option. It’s great to do it if you have grassy areas or mulched parts in the garden to help lessen the impact of accidental falls when the game gets a little difficult.

Tug of War

Divide yourself into teams and test your strength. Take a strong rope (a garden rope will work just remember to wear gloves to prevent rope burns) and add a flag in between the rope and battle it out. Use softer parts of your garden to help cushion falls.

Circus Games

Create a mini circus with a variety of throwing games. Pile empty cans into triangle and let player try to knock down the entire structure with one tennis ball. Or grab a pile of hoops and glass bottles and have them try to throw the hoops into the bottle’s mouth

There are a number of games children can enjoy in your backyard or your garden. The more you allow them to explore and have fun, the more they will learn how to take care your garden


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